Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Kids so far

We still have one Boer mama and 3 Nubians still to give birth, but we currently have a total of 18 kids on the ground and doing very very well. Not a single loss this year, which is fantastic!

Ruby had 1 buck and 1 doe on February 6th (Mo was difficult to keep in his pen this year!)
Artie had 1 buck on April 1st.
Feisty had 1 buck and 1 doe on April 3rd.
Flag had 2 bucks and 1 doe on April 9th.
Angel had 1 buck and 2 does on April 13th.
Emerald had 2 (huge) bucks on April 14th.
Dot had 2 bucks and 1 doe on April 14th.
The new (wild and ornery) Nubian, Athena, had 2 bucks on April 15th.

Three sets of triplets this year! We know that Dot can raise triplets because she did last year. We also know that Angel can't raise triplets. Flag, I just don't know about. But to be on the safe side, we pulled one of Flag's babies (Muffin) and one of Angel's babies (Minnie) to raise as bottle babies. They were in the house for a little while until we got them used to taking the bottle - they're now safely ensconced in the barn and I don't have to deal with cleaning up after them.

This is Minnie, one of Angels trips. She is absolutely tiny and adorable!

Here's one of Athena's boys:

This is one of Dot's boys, Patches. I love the one white ear and one brown ear.

Minnie and Muffin like to perch on Craig for an afternoon nap:

Flag gets picked to be kid-sitter while the moms graze in the pasture.

Minnie chose Jake as a surrogate mom while she was in the house. I don't think he minded.

Emerald's boys are gigantic:

The other Athena boy. It's kind of nice to have different colored kids running around.

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